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CE 19 - Adze

CE 19

About the Artefact

A Sri Lankan Adze from the 19th CE

An Adze, a tool similar to an axe, with an arched blade at right angles to the handle, used for cutting or shaping large pieces of wood. Made of iron, and cane.

Height: 6.60 centimetres
Weight: 125 grammes
Width: 28 centimetres
Depth: 5.10 centimetres

Gifted to the British Museum by Hugh Nevill in 1898 but not on display (Museum number As1898,0703.1014; Registration number As1898,0703.1014; Miscellaneous number: As1972Q1.1212).

The Britihs Museum have a total of 9 such objects, all similar in size, and provenance.

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