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The History of an Island

Travellers see bits of Sri Lanka; and locals their part of the whole. Contrary & creative, it’s never done things by the book. It has absorbed, synthesised, & repurposed all its encountered, welcome, or not, into a prized Sri Lankanness.


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A Complete Island History

In 50 pint-sized essays, added to monthly, The Ceylon Press History of Sri Lanka, makes accessible an engaging account of an island renowned for a history many times larger than that of bigger countries.

Painting: Brigitte Spiegeler “How to Dance with Butterflies”

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The Island's Digital Museum 

Where Are Sri Lanka’s artefacts to be found?


Everywhere.  In Sri Lanka's museums and galleries - but also scattered across the world, from The British Museum to The Smithsonian, the result of centuries of colonialism.  


These pieces tell the historical of ordinary life. Or, like the Statue of Tara, are of iconic value, reluctant migrants whose missing presence creates a cheerless break in the island’s story.

The Ceylon Press’s Museum of Sri Lanka aims to repatriate its missing treasures, bringing them back together, digitally, into a single historical resource to help document the country.  

Every month a new selection of forgotten objects will be presented within the context of the country’s long history.

Painting: Invigorating Spaces Pulasthi Handunge

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Press Play for Audio Books

Download one of The Ceylon Press’ growing collection of audio books to learn about the island's complex history.

Painting: Laki Senanayake

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Off-Grid in the Highlands

Listen to a podcast produced by The Ceylon Press and recorded live in the jungles of the central. In amongst the rambling ramblings are glimpses of nature, religion, history, food, and the uncountable random events that underpin living off-grid in Sri Lanka.

Painting: Bangladesh Art Exposition in Sri Lanka 2019

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Island History in Podcasts

A growing collection of podcasts produced by The Ceylon Press and covering Sri Lankan history from prehistory to the present day can be accessed here.

Painting: Stimulating Nature's Spirit from Within Mika Tennekoon

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An Historian’s Companion

Part dictionary, part guide; essay, narrative, handbook, checklist, miscellany, and almanac in different parts; The Ceylon Press Companion to Sri Lanka is an obliging, eclectic guide with which to explore the island's story.  


Alongside its detailed coverage of all areas of Sri Lankan history, it also aims to cover almost everything Sri Lankan – from places, nature, and the arts, to belief, people, and food.


New items are posted weekly, to eventually grow the hundreds of entries to well over a quarter of million words. 

Painting: Written by Namalee Siriwardhane

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Open a Book

Download, store, read and share digital books from The Ceylon Press on all periods of Sri Lanka’s history.

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